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Outdoor Fitness Training

Outdoor training is a great fun way to get fit, lose weight and tone up. By training in a group with other people who have similar goals it is affordable to train more often so that you can achieve your goals faster.
All Vivos active sessions go for at least an hour and include warm up, training and a cool down.
For Training always meet at Nolan Reserve a few minutes before the start time (it is very important that you don’t miss the warm up).

Cardio Training
Is all about improving your cardiovascular fitness so that you are fitter, better able to control your weight, go faster for longer, improve bone and muscle density and feel fantastic. We want you to be able to do anything that you put your mind to.
In a cardio class you can move at your own pace from a walk to run. We will use a large variety of training to help keep you moving and most importantly improving.

Toning Training
In toning we help you to improve your base metabolic rate so that you burn more energy every day 24/7. By placing the body in challenging positions and adding an external force with weights or exercise bands we help you to correct muscle imbalances, strengthen, and stabilize joints.
Toning can be an easy class to get started with where you just use very light weights and perform simple exercises. At the same time if you want the challenge our trainers have a big bag of tricks and some heavy weights to make it hard enough.

Boxing Training
Boxing is fantastic class, it has a cardio base but includes some toning components. One of the great things about a boxing class is that we use both upper and lower body muscles so you get more of the body moving, expend a great deal of energy, burn off some stress and learn a few new tricks along the way. If you have a lower body injury and can’t run you may well find that you can still box with your upper body. Boxing like the other classes can be joined by most people. A beginner can box very slow and focus on technique while building up their endurance. If you are a veteran then you can go fast, double up on sets and run further then all the others to get an excellent work out.

Fit ball (seasonal)
Fit ball training is all about improving core stability, posture, muscle balance and adding variety to your toning training. Having a strong core is vital to all other movements of the body. In order to transfer force from the hands when picking up a box, you need to stabilize your elbows, shoulders, back, hips and legs all the way down to your feet. In a fit ball class we teach you how to activate your core muscles and then how to apply simple techniques in everyday life to protect your spine. (Due to the size and number of fit balls I ask everyone to source their own ball. I recommend that you have an anti burst ball with a rating on at least 300kg).

Combination Training
Combo training takes elements of all the other classes and puts it all into one power packed class. This gives the trainer the ability to push the fit people really hard and expose them to new types of training. At the same time if you are still new and can’t do a full cardio class or toning class just yet then you may handle a combo class ok at slower speeds and lighter weights. 


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