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Life Management and Habits

by Michael

It is really easy to decide what we don’t want and we quite often think about what we could have, a percentage of the population even go out there and start losing weight, getting stronger and fitter, but are they on the right track?
So many of the people who reduce body fat and increase lean body mass who get stronger and faster lose most of their fitness and put some body fat back on again, some times even more fat!


Our profit driven society pushes the affluenza agenda making us believe that we can have it all. After losing all that weight and getting fit we are seduced by the tasty foods, the convenience eating, low cost options, alcohol and on the time side we are sucked in to the party life, long work hours, social commitments, and the chains of the past.
Habits are so powerful, as we grow we form them and are lead willingly by what we read, who we listen to and what we watch, it is what you do! You may be aware that there are different ways but you only know what you actually do. Once off that diet you are so comfortable to throw yourself back into habits that given a certain amount of time you will be right back where you were before, sometimes worse because of the yo yo dieting.

To have a life free of disease, to be feeling strong and fit, to be able to part take in any activity your heart desires, to have a body that is going to carry you through a wonderful life you need to effect real change!

Real change comes from forming new habits, life long changes, not something that is hard work and drudgery to keep up, not something that you do for a short time.

Welcome incidental exercise into your life, play sport for fun, train weekly with lots of variety, take up adventure training and try new things with people moving in the same direction. Eat a wide range of healthy certified organic foods, drink plenty of water, reduce your food rewards and eat more often then you dine.

“Yea yea yea I know I need to do that stuff”, ok there is some info out there about that but are you doing it and most importantly you need to reset your beliefs and self concepts by filtering what you are listening to, reading and watching. Most people just unconsciously absorb into their sub conscious mind everything that they see, hear and feel.

Start surrounding yourself with people moving in the right direction, listen and talk about inspiring events and activities, read positive uplifting books and literature, only watch quality movies, change your self talk to a positive tune, be optimistic, strive for work life balance, change your job to work that you believe in something or somewhere you will receive recognition and feel good about it.

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