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Shoulder pain is very common amongst the swimming population. Swimmers shoulder also known as impingement syndrome, is an inflammatory condition of the narrow bony space in the top of the shoulder. See the diagram below.

The rotator cuff tendons as well as the biceps tendon can become irritated as they pass through or next to this space as the space is compromised by poor technique, weak muscles, or postural position. The friction caused in this area causes inflammation and pain in the front of the shoulder.

All phases of the swimming stroke can impact on this part of the shoulder and cause problems. We have listed the top risk factors for developing shoulder pain so next time you are in the pool think about your freestyle technique to see if you can maximise your positioning to increase your power as well as protect your shoulder.

Top Risk Factors

1 One sided breathing

2 Over reaching your stroke

3 Crossing your midline with arm as you pull through

4 Hand higher than your elbow when the arm exits the water

5 Over developed muscles at the front of our chest, weak muscles at the back of the chest

6 Overtraining; swimming with fatigued muscles

7 Reduced mid back rotation

8 Turning your palm out as your hand enters the water

9 Use of hand paddles when the arms are not strong enough

10 Use of kick board if mid back is too tight.

How can Physiotherapy help?

It is important to note that if you get persistent pain in your shoulder whilst swimming, you need to stop swimming and get the shoulder assessed by your Physiotherapist.

We will need to determine if you have any damage to the tendons. We will also make sure your shoulder and surrounding muscles are not too tight and identify any exercises to help you strengthen the shoulder and maximise your swimming technique!

Written by Lucy Tighe

From Sydney Road Physiotherapy

Swimmers Shoulder (Impingement Syndrome) is a post from: Group Fitness Training Sydney

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Many people are addicted to socially acceptable addictive substances such as cigarettes, alcohol or even sugar and caffeine whether it be coffee or energy drinks.

(Yes, Alcohol, Nicotine and Caffiene are categorized as drugs!)

Alternatively, people can be addicted to more heavy narcotics such as Heroin, Ice, Cocaine or prescription drugs.

Regardless of the addiction, all of these addictive substances can play havoc with your health, leading to insomnia, anxiety, poor liver function and erratic moods to name a few.

There is a natural solution at hand – Ear Acupuncture or Auricular Acupuncture. Did you know Ear Acupuncture is used for Substance abuse and detox? Ear Acupuncture is used world wide as a prevention and treatment for people addicted to Nicotine, Alcohol, Caffeine, Prescription drugs and hard drugs alike.

In the U.S. The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (N.A.D.A.) is devoted to helping people detox using acupuncture and has lots of evidence based research on how it works.

According to N.A.D.A, using Functional MRIs to assess, Acupuncture causes a response in your Central Nervous System and several areas of your brain. It has a regulatory effect on the regions of the brain involved in stress responses.

Acupuncture has been shown to reduce the reward mechanism of drug taking by 3 methods:

1.    By reducing dopamine (relating to pleasure and motivation- which in drug addicts uptake of dopamine is disordered and needs to be regulated, hence using acupuncture)

2.    By stimulating serotonin, opioids & GABA (all related to dopamine release – natural opiates)

3.    Stimulating Natural endorphin release (body’s natural opiates)

There is supporting evidence that Ear and body acupuncture can also assist relief of signs and symptoms associated with drug withdrawal such as body aches, insomnia, cravings, anxiety and depression.

The NADA protocol is needling 5 acupoints in the external ear – Lung, Liver, Spleen, Ear Shen Men and Sympathetic Nervous System. A consultation can be followed up with mobile acupoint stimulators such as tiny ball bearings or “seeds” stuck to the ear in the same point locations. This allows for easy access when any of those cravings or associated symptoms surface, you can press the seeds to stimulate the acupoints. If you feel you’re addicted, try Ear Acupuncture today for relief.


By Katika Funnell Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner
B.HSc. TCM(UTS) Cert. TCM(China) DRM Member ATMS 0414 459 659

The Family Wellness Centre (02) 9938 1090

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How Ear Acupuncture can help you detox or beat addictions is a post from: Group Fitness Training Sydney

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